Phonetic Music Contest ‘Miracles with ‘The Beatles’

To the students of English as the second foreign language


Dear students,

The Department of the English Language and its Teaching Methods together with

The Institute of Foreign Languages

is proud to announce our

Phonetic Music Contest ‘Miracles with ‘The Beatles’!


DATE:   20 December, 2019          

TIME: 13.00            

ROOM: 03-40

This is your opportunity for your group to try and win the 1st prize for:

  • the best recitation of the poem ‘The Night before Christmas’ at (for 2nd year students, one student only from each group);
  • the best performance of a song by ‘The Beatles’ (for 2nd and 3rd year students, all students of a group).


The evaluation committee will take into account the following criteria:

For the poem contest* For the song contest**
  • correct pronunciation of English sounds
  • proper  intonation
  • expressiveness
  • correct pronunciation of English sounds
  • proper  intonationcreativity, artistic skills
  • involvement of all the students of a group

*  Only one student per each group can participate in the poem contest (no exceptions will be made).

** Each student group is expected to present a song by ‘The Beatles’.


The 1st place will be awarded to the group best fitting the above mentioned criteria. Other groups will be awarded various nominations.

Each student group must:

  • inform the organizers about the name of the contestant from your group
  • inform the organizers about your group’s choice of the song by ‘The Beatles’ before November 30, 2019.
  • give your audio files to the organizers before December 10, 2019


Send your soundtracks to Evelina Gadzhigasova:

The organizers of the event are: Lubov Alexandrovna Rychenkova, Irina Alexandrovna Murzinova

E-mail of the organizers:,

Telephone number of the organizers: 89044196058, 89608914677



Ирина Александровна Мурзинова

доцент кафедры английского языка и методики его преподавания, кандидат филологических наук

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